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Recreation, Parks and Cemeteries Unit (RPCU) was formed in July 2006 and currently operate with 29 staff (20 facility staff; 3 heavy equip. staff; and 6 admin. staff).

Its overall goal is to manage, maintain, develop and enhance the following Public Facilities in Grand Cayman (over 100 facilities):

Maintenance statistics: 68 acres of land cleaned within 2 weeks; 140 trash receptacles, 54 toilet lavatories, 49 basins, and 10 urinals serviced 7 days per week. RPCU operating hours are 5am to 1pm.

In addition, RPCU as instructed by the Ministry of District Administration, Works, and Gender Affairs (DAWGA) carry out the duties of Town Management in the George Town Central Business District (GT CBD).

Last Updated: 2010-08-25