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RPCU broad goals for Fiscal Year 2009/2010 are as follows:

  • Continue the structured routine of cleaning, maintaining and enhancing the 100 plus public facilities.
  • Expand public knowledge of RPCU role and purpose in the community.
  • Expand the establishment of beach accesses.
  • Seek interim legislation via amendments to the Towns and Communities Law to regulate RPCU facilities and reduce vandalism through legislation. Aim for a Parks Law establishment in the near future.
  • Seek Community Volunteer Contributions from organizations and corporate sponsors in order to reduce the reliance on Capital Funding which is limited in this fiscal year budget.
  • Seek the establishment of a revenue stream system to help support each fiscal year budget.
  • Seek the establishment of an enforcement system for RPCU in the interim via Community Policing with the eventual set up of a Parks Ranger system.

Current Plans

A Short Term Development Plan for the CBD was developed and implemented in September 2008. The Plan covers enhancement works such as Street Furniture, Temporary Pots & Palms, Sidewalk Ramp Improvements, Pedestrian Crossing Improvements, and Traffic Sign Improvements. Approximately 75% of the works detailed in the Plan have been completed.

Future plans

Under better economic times, a Long Term Development Plan will be developed within the next five years which will encompass a Master Planning Exercise that will lead to items such as consideration of Under Ground Electricity in the Down Town Core, Sidewalk Widening, Standardized Sidewalk Surface Treatment, Major Tree Planting, Standardized Street Furniture, and Lighting Design.

Last Updated: 2010-01-27