Reservation System

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Event Permit

To reserve the use of an entire facility, or to reserve a particular area of a facility (Cabana, house, amphitheatre, etc), reservations must be made via phone call or customer walk-in at RPCU office location (Ground Floor, Cayman Islands Environmental Centre, North Sound Road – phone: 946-8250).

An Application Form will have to be completed prior to an Event Permit being issued. The Event Permit will ensure that you have official approval to carryout your activity at an RPCU Public Facility.

Application Forms are available at RPCU office location only.

The most popular facilities utilized by the Reservation/Event Permit system are as follows:

  • Dart Family Park
  • Seven Mile Public Beach
  • Airport Park
  • Scholars Park
  • EE Heritage Field
  • Watler’s Park
  • Kaibo “ Water Cay” Public Beach.

Last Updated: 2008-12-12