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Will the Dart Park House be clean when I reserve it ? Do I have to clean up after using house?
Yes, you will receive the house clean and you will be required to clean up after you use the facility.
Can we have our beach cleaned?(Usually after bad weather, Norwester etc.)?
We only clean government owned beaches and facilities. We do not clean Private properties.
Do you charge for using the Parks?
No we currently do not charge for using the parks, however we have a reservation system in place for use of the Cabanas at Airport Park, Dart Park South Sound, Seven Mile Public Beach and Scholars Park ,West Bay.
Can we make a bonfire on the Beach. We would like to roast some Marshmallows etc.?
No. We and the Ministry of CWI do not allow / encourage the use of open fires on our Public Beaches as the pose potential fire hazard and harm to the general public.